Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Oak Hammock Outfitters
P.O. Box 242
Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba   R0C 3G0
Phone: (204) 389-2242

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Where is Oak Hammock Outfitters located and how do I get there?

  We are located in central Manitoba, a province right in the middle of Canada bordering on North Dakota and Minnesota. Winnipeg, our capital city has an international airport where we will pick you up on arrival, it's located at 2000 Wellington Ave. If you wish to drive in, we can provide you with a detailed map to your site and accommodations.

What do we need to bring?

  Bring warm cameo clothing, good boots and gloves, (temperatures can vary -20oF to 50oF), a camera, all steel shot. Also bring coolers for taking game home. All amenities are close by.

Where will we be hunting?

  Most of our fields border the Oak Hammock Refuge, which should be dry stubble fields. We will either be in concrete pits, or lay down blinds with magnum and full body decoys.

What will we be hunting?

  Mainly Canada Geese, over large magnum, and full body decoys. Ducks are also taken out in the field. Snow Geese migrate through the Interlake area, but we don't set up for them. Every year some are taken just from flying over checking out the decoy spread.

Who will we be hunting with?

  You will be hunting on at least a quarter section of land - your group with a guide. We strictly decoy the birds in, no pass shooting or firing lines.

When do we hunt? What's the routine?

  The first three weeks of the season are mornings only for geese. We set up decoys every morning, hunt and then pack them up. We start a good hour or so before sunrise. The morning flight usually lasts a couple of hours and we're usually done well before noon. Afternoons will be for duck hunting - usually three hours or so before dusk.

If the hunting ends early, what else can we do to fill in our time?

  With past guests, usually one of the three days is either spent duck hunting in the afternoon A tour of the Ducks Unlimited Headquarters is a must for first timers. Also, just relaxing after an early morning hunt is a favorite.

Can I bring my dog?

  Certainly. The accommodations we deal with accept pets as long as they're well behaved. But if you do bring a pet, you'll be staying in a smoking room.

If our flight arrives or departs early or late, where can we stay?

  If your flight leaves you in Winnipeg on an overnight stay, arrangements will be made for you at a hotel near the airport. Also, if your flight comes in early, we'll make sure you're accommodated.

How do Canadian firearms laws affect US. citizens, entering Canada ?

  Canadian gun laws now require declaration forms to be filled out prior to arrival in Canada. Click here to download gun registration forms. For more information about Canadian gun laws click here.